Partnership Opportunities

Opportunities Overview

Olfax Medical has developed an innovative delivery system that transforms treatment potential by leveraging the posterior nasal cavity for drug delivery in a manner that overcomes limitations of existing nasal delivery devices.

Olfax Medical plans to maximize its pipeline potential via a balance of internally driven initiatives and partnerships to explore new indications, access additional geographies, and apply complementary technology to enable or enhance product attributes where appropriate.

We are currently leveraging this platform for an internally developed direct-to-nerve migraine therapy; however, we’re also open to partnerships where we can achieve our long-term goals together.

Our Areas of Interest

Olfax Medical seeks partnerships with a primary focus on medications targeting:

  • Highly vascularized respiratory epithelium for systemic absorption
  • Sphenopalatine and olfactory nerve fibers for “nose-to-brain” absorption
  • Nasopharyngeal Associated Lymphoid Tissue (NALT) for immune cell activation / vaccine use

Press + Media

Follow this site to learn more about Olfax Medical’s progress, and explore our recent announcements. For additional media enquiries, please contact us at