About Olfax

Improving Patient Health. Revolutionizing Nasal Drug Delivery.

Olfax Medical is a start-up product development and commercialization company located in Asheville, NC specializing in nasally administered therapeutics. Our mission is to help patients avoid the harmful and addictive side effects of systemic pharmaceuticals by revolutionizing nasal drug delivery.

The world of nasal drug delivery has been plagued by inefficient technology that has been essentially unchanged for the past 40 years. Pharmaceutical companies are forced to use the same metered dose nasal spray pumps for expensive, potentially life-saving drugs as they do for simple, over the counter treatments. Not only is this method outdated, but it also limits the absorption capabilities of nasal medications.

Founded in 2017, our experienced team of engineers, clinical care specialists, and clinical researchers are creating novel, self-administered therapeutic treatments that utilize the nerve networks of the turbinates, the olfactory and trigeminal nerves, to absorb neurologically active medications directly from the nose to the brain, bypassing the blood-brain barrier.

Company History

Clinical Innovation.  Into the Hands of Patients.

Our core innovation was borne from clinical practice and over a decade of evaluating, treating, and managing patients with neurological disorders. These individuals deal not only with chronic pain but also chronic frustration from a lack of effective and tolerable treatments.

Nearly a decade before Olfax Medical was founded, our founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jason Cook, first began performing sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) block procedures in an attempt to curb opioid use in the treatment of acute migraine while working as a primary care physician for the National Health Service Corps in a rural clinic within one of the most economically disadvantaged counties in North Carolina. When he joined the practice, opioid injections were the most common treatment for patients presenting with acute intractable migraine, and many patients and providers alike assumed they were the only way to treat migraine that did not respond to oral NSAID or triptan therapy. By performing SPG blocks in clinic, he was able to decrease the number of opioids prescribed and change the culture around acute migraine care in the region. Importantly, he also envisioned the potential benefits of extending these procedures to a wider population if more effective and repeatable delivery methods were developed.

What started out as a clinical passion and focus, has now evolved into a company of highly skilled and passionate medical product development professionals focused on translating safe and effective therapies from the clinic into the hands of patients.