The Nose Knows

The vasculature in the upper-posterior nasal cavity is more permeable for medication absorption when compared to the lower nasal cavity, which is the deposition site for current nasal spray devices. This posterior area of the nose, called the nasal turbinates, also differs in the type of cell lining the cavity and provides an access point to most intranasal blood vessels and nerves. Targeting medication to this region allows for:

Improved Efficacy

Faster Action

Dosing Consistency

Increased Absorption

Reduced Adjuvants

More Comfortable than Injection

Nasal Automizer

Our team comprised of clinical care specialists, device and formulation developers, and clinical research specialists has created a novel delivery system for accurately delivering medication to the upper-posterior nasal cavity. This is achieved through multiple complementary design components, including:

  • Multi-stage, consistent force mechanical actuation capable of delivering two discrete doses of medication (one per nostril) in any body position without the use of propellants
  • Silicon-plate spray tip that produces consistent and targeted atomization, without adjuvants, that is able to traverse the distance between nasal mucosa and the posterior nasal cavity while limiting deposition into the airway
  • Anatomical nozzle design to efficiently route medication between the middle and inferior turbinates

Migraine and Cluster Headache

Second most disabling illness in the world.

Approximately 14% of the worldwide population, independent of age or gender, is affected by migraine. Despite the high prevalence, which has been remarkably consistent following increased monitoring and reporting over the last two decades, there is no known cure. The most common treatment strategies utilize either preventative or acute pain management medication; however, over two-thirds of migraine sufferers report being dissatisfied with their current medications and delay or avoid administration due to potentially harmful and addictive side effects. Additionally, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, migraine patients may experience an increased sensitivity to symptoms after each subsequent attack, leading to a vicious cycle of increased occurrence and potential overuse of medication.

Relaspen: Effective symptom relief.

RelaspenTM is a self-administered, intra-nasal migraine treatment that allows patients to immediately stop an acute migraine or cluster headache anytime, anywhere, in as little as 15 minutes without the harsh and addictive side-effects of many current migraine therapies. The novel, combination product translates the effective sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) blockade procedure – which efficiently blocks activation of the trigeminovascular system associated with headache disorders – from the clinic and into the hands of patients. It is intended to be a single-use, prescription product for both adult and pediatric populations.

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